Why We Began Offering In-District Mental Health Supports

More than a decade ago, we recognized the need to assist school districts struggling to provide the proper mental health supports for students, families and the overall school community. As a solution, we launched CarePlus’ School-Based Programs, which

provides a wide-range of onsite services including counseling, care coordination, community outreach, skill development groups, and access to CarePlus’ full continuum of integrated care and social support services.

The goal of all our school-based programs and services is to provide stigma-free, comprehensive support that allows students to thrive in their educational environment. CarePlus is a pioneer in integrated primary and behavioral health care services for adults and children. We have developed and implemented several innovative programs to help New Jersey schools overcome some of their biggest challenges surrounding mental, social and emotional health of students.

The Need for Therapeutic Services for School-Aged Children Has Grown Exponentially

1/5 youth experience a mental health or substance use problem during their school years.

Up to 60 percent of students do not receive the treatment they need due to stigma or lack of access to services.

Of those who do get help, nearly two-thirds will do so only in school.

Our Mission

Since our founding in 1978 our mission has remained the same:

To enhance the continuum of care within the communities we serve by providing the most comprehensive integrated treatment options through a broad spectrum of services.

Meet Leadership

The partnership between school districts and Care Plus NJ Inc. is an important approach to increase academic success and positive peer interactions by addressing the mental health needs of students. Through this partnership, this team is able to support the social emotional needs of students and the school community as a whole.

With a shared vision, this team works with students and school systems, to reduce the stigma around mental health and empowering youth to live their best lives.

Nicole McQuillen, LCSW

Senior Vice President, Children &

Family Services

Lorraine Gehrig Mullins, LCSW

Vice President for Care Plus NJ's Clinical Interventions in Schools

Nivioska Bruce, LPC, ACS

Director for Care Plus NJ's Clinical Interventions in Schools

Yajaira Vasco, LCSW

Director for Care Plus NJ's Clinical Interventions in Schools