Our programs provide a wide-range of onsite services including counseling, care coordination, community outreach, skill development groups, and access to CarePlus’ full continuum of integrated care and social support services.

Care Plus NJ School Based Program Goals

  • Create access to an environment within the school that’s safe and free of stigma.
  • Offer psychoeducation, skill-development, and therapy from experienced professionals.
  • Improve interpersonal interactions with friends, family, and the community.
  • Improve attendance, academic achievement and overall outlook.
  • Help to enhance a positive school culture.
  • Expedite school clearance assessments.

Customized to Suit Individual Students’ Needs

Tiered In-District Mental Health Support

A student’s chance to achieve success in school and in the community improves with easy access to school-based therapeutic services. Each tier must be specifically tailored, however, to create the optimal environment for success.

Tier One:

  • Professional development to promote emotionally supportive learning environments.
  • Parent engagement opportunities.
  • Classroom-based mental health workshops for youth.
  • Access to licensed and accredited community-based programs through Care Plus' integrated network of providers and services.

Tier Two:

  • Skill-development groups for identified youth, including social skills, conflict resolution, mindfulness and stress management.
  • Peer leadership, mediation.
  • Summer transition programs.

Tier Three:

  • Individual and family counseling for identified youth.
  • Onsite school clearance assessments and crisis intervention.
  • Collaboration with Child Study Teams as indicated in IEPs.
  • Specialized therapeutic classrooms, including programming for school avoidant youth.
  • Linkage to community-based wraparound mental health supports.

Outpatient School Clearances

School districts may require a clearance letter as a condition of a student returning to school after an incident that presents as a potential danger to self, others or property.

CarePlus provides assessments with written determination that the student involved does or does not present as a danger to themselves or others within 24-48 hours to ensure unnecessary school days are not missed. This letter is given to the guardian following completion of the assessment if the student is cleared. If additional support services are required, CarePlus provides direct access to mental health services through its integrated care network.

  • Assessments conducted by a licensed professional clinician
  • Appointments available within 24-48 hours to ensure less time out of school
  • Clinician provides recommendation for follow up services and direct linkage to mental health services as needed
  • Clinician provides immediate follow up phone call to school referral source for support planning.

School Presence

Our School Presence Program is an evidence-based treatment program for children and families struggling with school avoidance issues, including those who are experiencing mental health symptoms, resulting in impairments such as excessive school absenteeism. The program provides individualized services based on the child’s level of need and is designed for children aged 7 to 17 to foster positive school engagement, while providing children and their families with the tools needed to decrease impairments and increase school attendance.

The 12-week one-on-one comprehensive program may include a combination of in-home and outpatient therapeutic interventions for both the child and the parent(s). Interventions are coupled with regular collaboration with all partners, including professional school staff. Elements of a behavioral approach (such as relaxation training and role playing) are integrated with a cognitive approach (including cognitive restructuring and problem solving), occurring in an individualized setting to meet the needs of each child and their family system.

Continuum of Care

Through CarePlus’ integrated care network, we offer a full continuum of wrap-around services to fully support youth and families. We believe that coping skills and strengths developed in childhood carry into adult life, helping individuals reach their full potential. With this in mind, we strive to deliver programming and resources that assist in navigating our complicated world.

Additional programs include:

  • Children’s Outpatient Endeavors
  • Groups for Children and Adolescents
  • Children’s Mobile Response & Crisis Stabilization System
  • Addiction Recovery & Prevention Services.

A Subsidiary of Care Plus NJ, Inc.

Paradigm Therapeutic Day School

Paradigm Therapeutic Day School (Paradigm) is a New Jersey Department of Education-approved private school for students ages 12-21. As an extension of CarePlus’ Division of School-Based Programs, Paradigm was established in response to the growing need to better serve students who have been identified by their school districts as youth who benefit from a more emotionally supportive environment. These characteristics may include mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, a history of hospitalizations, school refusal, or substance abuse issues. 

Paradigm has an added ability to go above and beyond typical counseling standards, providing a level of mental, social and emotional health support to its students not typically available in public or private schools.