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Teachers Own Mental Health | Care Plus NJ Schools

Importance of Teacher Mental Health

Teachers are superheroes because of their commitment and dedication to ensuring that all children can learn and have a bright future. However, teachers are human too; they get tired from long hours of teaching, busy schedules, preparing modules, and interacting with different types of students. Being a teacher is not

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teacher burnout

Combating Teacher Burnout: The Reality of the Teaching Profession

Teaching can be one of the most rewarding professions, but it is also rife with stress and fatigue. The amount of effort required from teachers — from classroom instruction to professional development to monitoring student progress and performance in extracurricular activities — can lead to burnout and disengagement over time. 

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Mental Health In Schools | Care Plus NJ Schools

The State of Mental Health in Schools

Schools were designed to educate, equip, and prepare pupils with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate life. But unfortunately, over the years, inefficient mental health programs have hampered student progress in several ways. Mental health is an essential yet often overlooked factor in a child’s happy and healthy development

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10 tips for managing stress

10 Tips for Managing Stress

Stress is contagious! Children know when their caretaker(s) are tense and overwhelmed. Data shows that the greatest source of childhood and adolescent stress is not school work, extracurricular activities, or peer pressure, but parental stress. It’s very important to manage your own stress! Here are some tips to do so:

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The Art of Storytelling: applying Narrative Therapy in an educational setting

Narrative Therapy in an Educational Setting

Is the story telling or is the story telling? The nuance of language has the ability to steer the path of our understanding in the most subtle yet impactful way. With our nation’s current trends, it appears the old adage of “choose your words wisely” has never rang more true.

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